Enrichment Programmes

Our enrichment programmes offer great diversity of courses for our students to choose from.We hope students could discover the charm of classical music through our enrichment programmes.

PMCA students will enjoy 20% off of the fees for all enrichment programmes

Musicianship Studies I-IV


Like a good chef with a good sense of taste; a good musician should have a good sense of hearing. Ear-training is one of the vital components in Musicianship Studies. Students will learn how to listen to rhythms and melodies and repeat with their primary instrument: their voice. This is extremely powerful to help students to make music using their secondary instrument – musical instrument of their choice.

Music Theory:

Music Theory is another important module in Musicianship Studies. It helps students prepare for ABRSM Theory Examinations, and also provides analytical aspects in harmony, forms and styles of western music. Hence, students can have a more accurate and thorough interpretation of the music they play.

Available in weekly group sessions.

Music History I & II

This programme is designed to help students understand the background context of classical music. Students will learn about the society and culture of Europe back in the 18th century. Lessons are conducted in an engaging and interesting manner to enhance the entire learning experience. Who says learning history is boring?

Available in 12 weekly sessions

Anyone Can Be A Conductor I & II

Why does a conductor waves during a concert? Are you interested to uncover the ‘mysteries’ and charm of conducting a group musician on the podium?

Student will learn how to be a confident and sensitive at the same time. They will also learn how orchestra works from a conductor’s prospective, giving them an edge when they join student orchestra in the future.

Join this programme to understand the function of a conductor.

 Beating gestures and patterns
 Control of dynamics and expressions
 Basic rehearsing techniques
 How to read a conductor’s score
 Conductor’s role in an orchestra

Available in 12 weekly sessions. This programme is opened to all ages, with or without music background.

Music Appreciation I & II

Need some guide to explore the world of classical music? Or wondering what music to listen and which concerts that are worth going? This programme helps you to appreciate classical music better.

 Understanding basic history of classical music
 Exploring different genres and period of classical music
 Great pieces not to be missed
 Attend live concert and post-concert gatherings
 Keep yourself updated on events and gathering with like-minded music lovers

Available in 12 weekly sessions.This programme is opened to all ages, parents are welcome too.

The Art of Violin Making

Our collaboration with Tong Ming Xi Gallery introduces this interesting programme. Their master Luthier, will demonstrate how a violin is made from raw maple, the ways to maintain a string instrument in Singapore’s humid weather, knowledge on antique instruments, as well as showcasing rare antique instruments.

Available in 8 weekly sessions. Strongly recommended for Violin/Viola/Cello students, as well as parents.

Jazz Music

Jazz musicians are cool, but does it take a lot of effort to play jazz? The answer is no. By learning jazz scales and improvisation techniques, students will discover the fun and excitement of jazz improvisation.

Available in 12 weekly sessions. Suitable for all instruments.