Our philosophy

Break the technique barrier of mastering a music instrument:

In PMCA, we will help students overcome technique obstacles of playing a musical instrument, by using highly effective exercises and methods. Our teachers will take care of each student’s individualities and tailor-make lessons that in the best interest of that student.

Never too early to make music:

We encourage our students to express themselves through music regardless of their progress. We teach our students how to utilize their existing techniques to express themselves through music.

Our studio and masterclass series offer perfect platforms for students to practice their performing skills regularly before they step onto a bigger stage.

There is much more:

We believe that learning music is more than learning how to play a musical instrument. It opens doors to classical music and the ‘Golden Era’ of Western culture and civilization. At PMCA, we design a range of enrichment programme that offers our students an extensive wealth of knowledge to classical music.

Our popular programme include:

• Anyone Can Be A Music Conductor
• Music History
• Music Appreciation
• Chamber Music
• The Art of Violin Making

For more information on the other available programme, visit our enrichment programme.

Success in Music, Success in Life

While we are training our students to become a musician, we help them develop and shape qualities that are crucial to any successful musician. This includes self-discipline, responsibility, commitment, patience, determination, focus, imagination, multi-tasking, aesthetic quality and so much more. We work closely with students and parents to nurture these qualities and we strongly believe that if our student can succeed in music, they can succeed in their life too.