Thank you so much for all your guidance and expertise! I have never had lessons which were so deeply involved with music itself before. Learning that it is not just about getting the techniques and pitch perfect – but also about the story behind each note, and creating and feeling emotions through playing was a superbly enriching and unforgettable experience. Through lessons with you, I feel that I have matured the most as a musician :)

-Kim Na Hyun

I am truly and deeply grateful to have you as my violin teacher for the past 6 years. You have always inspired me and many a times, music lessons felt like a life lesson for me as well by giving me a different perspective which I can apply to my own life. I work as a nurse and it has never been easy to be able to go for regular lessons timely each week, but thank you so much for your understanding and patience and this really helped me to pursue and continue my passion in music. Thank you for everything! I will continue to work harder too! :)

– Yun Ru

I am really pleased with Sarah’s progress since she started learning the violin under you 2 years ago. Not only is she gaining in proficiency, she is enjoying the journey. It is lovely to see her come out of class smiling even though you have worked her hard.

– Loo Siew Yee

My primary school daughter really enjoys her violin lessons with you. I find that you strike a good balance between setting high standards for her to achieve and yet, when she falls short, you encourage her to persevere. You also make learning fun as you allow her to play music from popular contemporary songs. Thank you for growing and sustaining her interest in the instrument!

-Melissa Chong

I am a happy parent whose kid just scored distinction for ABRSM Grade 5 violin practical exam under the patient guidance of Alex!
I would sincerely like to thank Alex for his patience and customized coaching method that suits my 7-year-old kid. Being trained professionally in music, Alex is able to give expert’s tips and techniques which we don’t find in many amateur tutor. Also, he is flexible in his teaching content that makes his lessons interesting and not sticking to the book. I can tell that my son enjoy each and every one of his lessons. Thanks so much!”

-Zhu Cheng

Compared to some who have the privilege of learning the violin at a tender young age, I took my first violin lesson with Alex as an adult beginner and I’m glad I did. Through his encouragement and flexible coaching, I took more interest in the violin and it doesn’t seem as intimidating as before to deal with the “hardest-to-learn” music instrument. As a side note, I do enjoy being early for his lessons as I can hear how beautifully his other students play. Keep going Alex, you are splendid.